Friday, 4 August 2017

I wonder what's in this package? :)

I wonder what could be in this little box :)

I love it when packages arrive on the doorstep... and I've been waiting for this one for a little while now.

I finally won a miniature animal auction on eBay and my first purchase was this sweet little squirrel from Tina (teensyweensy13). Because every tree should have a resident squirrel right? :)

Oh my gosh he is so tiny! I'm in love!

Thought I'd try him out in the half finished San Franciscan tree. 

He's taking a good look around.

 He seems to like hanging out on the branches that have gigantic nuts. Squirrel heaven! :)

He has lovely detailed markings on his face, particularly around his eyes. 

 And his head turns in both directions.

 Why do you keep taking my picture!

He needs a name I feel... Something beginning with S as I'm a fan of a good bit of alliteration. :) But first I better get to work on finishing his tree!