Saturday, 22 October 2016

More painting and fixing parts

Remember these?


These are the trim pieces for the top of the tower and let's just say, they've seen better days.

I have been attempting to make these look a bit better today. First I filled the holes with spackle.


I then sanded and painted them. And this is what they look like now. :)


This is the really bad one. You can see that it still needs some work, but it's so much better than it was. I'm quite happy with it, given that my theme is an old Victorian with a shabby rehab. :)

Repaired Tower Trim 1.JPG

Here are all the Tower trim pieces together. They scrubbed up alright. You can see the badly damaged one at the bottom with the top right corner still missing. I figure this will get repaired in-situ as I'll be able to spackle it to it's neighbour and sand the join.

Tower Trim painted.JPG

I also painted the window gliders today, and some miscellaneous trim just to get me through the first floor windows.


Just realised my foot is in this shot! :P

I haven't decided whether to use the kit doors or not, so they got a coat also, just in case. :)

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