Thursday, 24 November 2016

Banishing the Dreaded Mahogany


So I found this dresser in my stash that I was never in love with due to the Mahogany colour. (Why are so many miniature furniture pieces in this old fashioned stain!)

Not withstanding it's colour though, I though it might go well in the San Franciscan if it got a somewhat shabby make over. It has relatively good lines and is feminine enough for the look I am going for so I decided give it a paint job. :)

First I took the drawer knobs off with needle nose pliers.


Then I gave it a light sand and treated it with Easy Surface prep. It's supposed to allow you to paint over stained wood. You apply it liberally and the wipe off the excess with a rag and let is cure for about 2 hours. To be honest I wasn't that impressed with it's effectiveness, but that could have been because my technique was terrible.. lol

Then I got a first coat of paint on it.... Yikes not so great.


Second coat below. Better but the drawers need more work.


Third coat... getting there but still need to do something with the drawers.... Not sure why the paint isn't covering on them as well as elsewhere. My painting technique maybe? :)


While I was waiting for paint to dry between coats I made some perfume bottles for the dresser out of jewelry beads from spotlight. I won't be using all of these but they are cute, no? :)

I will clean up the paint on the mirror after I have given the dresser a final coat. I actually quite like it now that it's not mahogany. It still needs handles that I have on order. I'm not putting those gold pin heads back on!

I wanted to see it in the room for size which then made me decide to try out some wallpaper for the Master bedroom. This paper is scrapbook paper from spotlight. I like the pastel hue and modern look. It would only be on one wall as a feature wall. Not sure if I will use it but I do think it's pretty.

The bed is one I made from card stock loosely following a tutorial from Kris'1 inch minis. I didn't have foam core or mat board on hand so it's very flimsy and just a place holder. :) The mattress isn't finished either, it still needs some piping around the top, which I have made but haven't stuck on yet... Hmmm there is a pattern here of unfinished jobs. Must get to it!



Now I just need to find a little stool for the dresser. :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

More San Franciscan Assembly

Today was spent assembling a few more sections of the San Franciscan.

I added the the Bay & Gable sections to the 2nd floor ceiling/3rd floor.


I will have to address the staircase hole edges at some point. They are incredibly rough, sanding isn't going to cut it. I think I'll probably line the opening with some sort of finishing trim or in a pinch popsicle sticks. Not ideal though, as they are not long enough for the longer side and will need a join.

I also put together the small gable.


It's completely painted even though it will likely be mostly covered with trimmings.


The top will be covered in shingles of course, but the paint is helping to seal the wood. This section fit together so tightly it's not even glued. I will have to glue it at some point though.

I'm contemplating finishes for the eaves and front of the gable. The larger popsicle stick below don't quite fit without the need to cut one long ways... umm.. not attempting that with my current skill set!... I also have some smaller craft sticks at hand and they fit perfectly 4 across. I think this will finish off the eave area nicely. It reminds me of the Pigeon guards on my own home's eaves.

Of course, I will cut off the rounded ends and stagger them for a more realistic look. :)


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Stair wall tongue & groove

I've decided to panel the wall the stairs will run up beside in horizontal tongue & groove paneling painted white. Similar to the below picture (though my stairs are open). I've always liked this look and it will give some visual interest to a room that is otherwise just painted walls. It also will allow me to hide wiring beneath it if need be. :)


I started by making a paper template of the modified wall with the new doorway for the kitchen to the rear and started laying down paddle pop sticks in a staggered pattern. (Sorry my picture is upside down, the door way is the L shape to the right.:p )

You can just see faintly that I have two lines drawn on the paper to the left. They were my stagger lines for my wood planks. I did this so the pattern wouldn't be completely random and messy. I also kept me on track.img_2158

Here it is in situ. It is not fitting very well around the top of the doorway at the moment, so I will need to cut a little away. But you get the idea. ;)img_2167

I will update when it's painted.


Here's the wall painted. I've switched the door to the kitchen back to the front because I want to use the space under the stairs for furniture and the piece I wanted to put there didn't fit with the door at the rear. I'll use the above wall upstairs between the bedroom and the living room.

 The floor is finished and awaiting white wash too. 😁

So when I bought this door it didn't fit.


I bought this door for the San Franciscan's upper balcony door. I read the measurements in the listing and thought it would fit... ummm no... *facepalm*

What to do? It almost fit but not quite. I was determined! Either the door opening had to be widened or the door had to be modified.

I decided to modify the door as the San Franciscan is made of MDF... not easy to cut and in particular the door openings are rather fragile and crumbly on my kit.

My solution was to cut down the inside door frame (that which will be inside the wall) whilst leaving the exterior framing intact.


I used a small hand saw a chisel and an awl to remove the excess wood.

I had to cut down all three sides so the door would still be centred when placed in the opening.img_2154

It's rough but it doesn't matter as it will all be hidden by the door frames. :)img_2156

And it fits!


Why are all (ok almost all) miniature lights brass?

I don't like the brass colour of most miniature lights... I guess they have their place but not it's not in my San Franciscan!

I decided to test out painting some lights that i will use in the San Franciscan and later in the Heritage. I chose the two external coach lights for the "SF"and a three bulb chandelier that will most probably get used in the Heritage. I removed the bulbs and the white simulated candle covers in the case of the three bulb light and then hand painted them with black acrylic. I had moderate success but one of the coach lights turned out a bit lumpy... lol...



Looking at this picture I will have to go back and touch up around the candle bases as you can still see the brass there. I didn't notice this in RL. Amazing what the camera picks up.


I wanted to see what the coach lights will look like in situ so I drilled a hole in the front door wall at the appropriate height. I though I may as well go ahead and chisel out a channel for the wire now also. No time like the present!


Probably needs to be a little deeper, because I would like to spackle and sand this so I don't have to wallpaper this wall. I prefer painted or paneled walls to paper.

There is a corresponding hole in the second floor/first floor ceiling for the wire to go through. The wires for this house will mostly run under the second & third floor flooring and out into a chimney that I will build for one side. I would like to make it detachable so all the lighting fittings can be hidden inside it, but I'm not quite sure how I'm going to execute that at the moment.


Here is the light on the outside wall.there are a few issues getting it to sit level due to the milled siding. I may have to pack behind them.


This height looks about right. :)img_2139

And here is what it looks like with a door in place. This is not the door I will be using for the entry door it will be the upstairs balcony door. It's what I had on hand though because the front door is still on order. :)


I know, I know... it looks like it's not centred on the wall. But there are windows and trim to go in that bay so that will cut down on the exposed wall space.


I'm happy with the result. :)