Wednesday, 23 November 2016

More San Franciscan Assembly

Today was spent assembling a few more sections of the San Franciscan.

I added the the Bay & Gable sections to the 2nd floor ceiling/3rd floor.


I will have to address the staircase hole edges at some point. They are incredibly rough, sanding isn't going to cut it. I think I'll probably line the opening with some sort of finishing trim or in a pinch popsicle sticks. Not ideal though, as they are not long enough for the longer side and will need a join.

I also put together the small gable.


It's completely painted even though it will likely be mostly covered with trimmings.


The top will be covered in shingles of course, but the paint is helping to seal the wood. This section fit together so tightly it's not even glued. I will have to glue it at some point though.

I'm contemplating finishes for the eaves and front of the gable. The larger popsicle stick below don't quite fit without the need to cut one long ways... umm.. not attempting that with my current skill set!... I also have some smaller craft sticks at hand and they fit perfectly 4 across. I think this will finish off the eave area nicely. It reminds me of the Pigeon guards on my own home's eaves.

Of course, I will cut off the rounded ends and stagger them for a more realistic look. :)


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