Sunday, 20 November 2016

Stair wall tongue & groove

I've decided to panel the wall the stairs will run up beside in horizontal tongue & groove paneling painted white. Similar to the below picture (though my stairs are open). I've always liked this look and it will give some visual interest to a room that is otherwise just painted walls. It also will allow me to hide wiring beneath it if need be. :)


I started by making a paper template of the modified wall with the new doorway for the kitchen to the rear and started laying down paddle pop sticks in a staggered pattern. (Sorry my picture is upside down, the door way is the L shape to the right.:p )

You can just see faintly that I have two lines drawn on the paper to the left. They were my stagger lines for my wood planks. I did this so the pattern wouldn't be completely random and messy. I also kept me on track.img_2158

Here it is in situ. It is not fitting very well around the top of the doorway at the moment, so I will need to cut a little away. But you get the idea. ;)img_2167

I will update when it's painted.


Here's the wall painted. I've switched the door to the kitchen back to the front because I want to use the space under the stairs for furniture and the piece I wanted to put there didn't fit with the door at the rear. I'll use the above wall upstairs between the bedroom and the living room.

 The floor is finished and awaiting white wash too. 😁

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