Wednesday, 29 March 2017

More San Franciscan Basement progress.

Option 3

Now that I've added a basement to the San Franciscan, I have to consider what kind of stairs I build to get down to ground level from the entrance. 

In my mind's eye the San Franciscan is a row house that sits on one of San Francisco's famous hill streets. With that in mind, the landscaping board will have to be built up on the left (non garage) side. There will be a front garden on that side of the board and the driveway to the garage and basement apartment on the other side. 

This left me with a dilemma. I need stairs that will access the front garden to the left and the driveway to the right. I have a few options:

1. come straight down towards the front with a landing at the garden level with gate access to it and the bottom flight of stairs continuing forward.
2. Come straight forward from the porch with a switchback landing that would access the garden and the bottom flight of stairs facing back towards the house.
3. Build a small landing off the porch and have a 1/3 rise of stairs heading left at a right angle to the house leading to the garden. The second flight of stairs would leave the garden level to the right also at a right angle to the house and landing at the driveway.
4. Same as three but with an additional landing about 3/4 of the way down leading to the bottom flight of stairs turning towards the front again.

I still need to try out options 2 & 4 but I'm leaning towards 3. I would like to do 4 but I'm to lazy to mock it up right now... and if that's the case, what would I be like building it... lol


  1. I am really pleased to see that you have moved your blog to Blogger. (I was not able to comment on your other blog.) I am really enjoying watching the progress of this house. I love the changes you have been making.

    1. Thanks Sam.. I'm a Sam too! :)
      Do you have a house as well and a blog where I can see it? Inquiring minds want to know.. :)