Sunday, 16 April 2017

Basement Interior mock-up

I finally cut all the window and door holes for the San Franciscan's basement and decided to do an interior mock up of the space.

Overhead view of the basement floorplan mock-up

So I'm 99% sure that the basement will be a studio apartment. This is partly because I don't feel like adding internal stairs and partly because I feel it's more realistic for a San Franciscan Row House.
Plus, my little mini homeowners will be able to get a bit of extra income. Real Estate is San Francisco is expensive!!😁

What that does mean is that it's going to need a bathroom and an efficiency kitchenette at the very least. Given the space this will be challenging. Maybe the homeowners should give up the garage for the good of the apartment.... Ummmm... NO!

Bathroom Mock-up. The shower will be behind the pencil line.

As you can see above I've been a bit creative with the bathroom walls (Mocked up in cardboard for now. By angling the wall of the shower, I gain back some much needed square inchage 😉 in the living/sleeping area. I've just chucked some random furniture in here to get an idea of what's possible. I'll build the permanent walls out of thinner wood than the rest of the kit to maximize every little bit of space.

Originally I wanted the kitchenette to be down the front near the door so that the sink could be under the window.. However that left no room in the smaller area for a realistic sofa bed or murphy bed arrangement. the space just isn't wide enough for a bed.

Kitchen area

So sadly the kitchenette has moved down to be outside the bathroom... (never ideal.. but necessary) and the living/sleeping area has moved down to the wider front area.

Living/Sleeping area. It's tight!

This mock up has been a good excercise because it has shown me that there is no way I'm getting a murphy bed and a sofa into the space so I'm leaning towards a sofa bed in a sectional, because it will do double duty in the small space. It's still touch and go as to whether it will be able to fully fold out in the space but as I will have to custom make it, I guess I will just work with the space.

For Rent. Only petite people need apply.😆

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