Sunday, 23 April 2017

Exterior stairs and "hillside" for the Landscaping Board

Working on the Landscaping Board today...

I know it seems like a job for the end but I need to at least lay out the plan and mock it up because the hillside will determine where "stone"goes on the outside of the basement.

Additionally the new front stairs are an integral part of the landscaped hill and therefore careful height planning is needed to incorporate the stairs later. I've decided on three flights with two turns.

I've also had to mock up a little landing off the porch so that my first flight can be at a 90 degree angle to the house.

As you can see it's a fairly rough mock-up but you get the idea. 

I've built the second flight of stairs into the "hillside" because I felt this was more realistic for a hillside set of stairs rather than having them cantilever off the retaining wall. A bonus is I won't have to have railings on this flight & it also allows me to butt the third flight up against the wall creating the need for only one short stair railing at this level.

The other bonus is it allows me to extend the hillside at the front of the board to allow more front yard.

Having said that, I'll probably shape the front section of foam to give a gently slope to a smaller retaining wall... to soften the look. It's a bit severe like this. Looking at this picture I might also move the second flight backwards a bit, to line up the lip of the top step with the back of the top flights last step... I think it looks a bit strange at the moment and it will also give me a bit of space between the driveway and the front path for greenery.

Still very much in dry fit as you can see above I've just used random pieces of foam to simulate the lower landing. I may even put another set of three stairs on the other side of this landing facing back towards the apartment door. That way the little occupants have a choice of stairs whether going to the garage or the front gate. :D

The foam will all be covered in water putty or some such product to simulate a painted cement retaining wall. It'll probably have some cracks in it with plants popping out,.. or maybe a garden bed at the top (of the shortened) wall with hanging plants spilling over.. or vines.. I don't know yet but something to soften the effect. 

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the progress here... however I now have a foam snowstorm in my workroom.. lol

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