Saturday, 15 April 2017

Uh-Oh.. The addiction has set in..

Well, I bought another house... Ummm.. I haven't even got the basement finished on my first house and now I have 2 waiting in the wings... lol

I couldn't resist this vintage Woodline Products house called the Victorian. It has big rooms and a tower... I feel like this house could be spectacular with a dutch gambrel roof and the tower beefed up a bit... Not sure if it comes with milled sides but if it doesn't it may even get shingled, New England style. :D

I'm already scheming and still have so far to go on the San Franciscan.

The real question is.. do I do the Heritage next as planned, or skip it for later and start on this beauty.


  1. Oh that's a good one! Somehow just having the kits that are on "the list" safely in your stash makes you feel better. I have learned that whatever order I have the projects lined up, any really good and exciting idea changes everything. If I had more space, I'd probably have multiples going at one time. It would be nice to be able to just go to the next inspired task! Have fun!

    1. It is isn't it? I think I'm getting a bit of an addiction to collecting kits.. I've just bought a Duracraft Victorian as well... Having multiples on the go would be ideal... I don't have much room either and I'm always climbing over some assembly in my craft room. I tell my DH that if we win the lottery one day I want a big basement just for dollhousing.. :)

  2. This could be a great French country house too, but love the New England shingled idea.