Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Modern industrial Pendant from a cheap plastic Chinese light.

I'm sure you've seen these lights on EBay... They are pretty cheap, around $10, but don't let looks deceive you.. they have a decent shape. So, I decided to try to make an modern industrial pendant out of this cheap little light.

First step, deconstruction and paint. I first tried to hand paint these with metallic acrylic... bad idea...

So I decided to try metallic spray paint.. I first tried Rustoleum Nickel but it wasn't quite right.

My makeshift drying area... hanging from a tree branch in the back yard
So I moved on to Fiddly Bits Aluminium for the last coat but first, I needed to add some details.

I used copper tape around the edge of the light to create a rim (I would likely use a thicker aluminium tape next time as I think this is a bit to thin, I'd like a little more depth.) and then added 3d Nail Art rectangles at intervals around the edge to simulate the industrial detailing you see on real life pendants. Then it all got another coat of Fiddly Bits Aluminium paint.

To finish it off I added jewelry wires that I fashioned into a simple U shape to the underside of the shade. This created a basic bulb cage. 

I added the bulb cage because the original pendant lacked the vertical height I would like, so it's a bit of a hybrid of styles but I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

Big improvement from the original right?😃


  1. Very impressive Sam. Would you mind if I borrowed the idea? It may be good for my Coxwolds!

    1. Of course not! Expand it, make it better! Then tell me how you do it. :D Looking forward to your rendition. :)