Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Modernising Miniature Humanity - One Red Velvet piece at a time.

Ok, what is with all the Red Velvet/Dark Mahogany furniture miniature furniture makers!

Was there a sale on red velvet at the dollhouse furniture factory's local haberdashery and the Manager came in and said "stop the line! We are moving to red velvet upholstery... for EVERYTHING!"

Did the Manager's daughter have a particular affection for mahogany? I mean, really?.. It's 2017 people... it's time to stop the insanity!

It's old fashioned, it's depressing and it looks like it belongs in the upstairs boudoirs of the Stagecoach Saloon.

Well, I love a challenge when I see one so I decided to drag this Victorian Settee out of the brothel and into the 21st century. :D

Off came the red Velvet. It got a light sand and a coat of spray on white primer. Then a follow up coat of Americana Chalk Paint. I then recovered the fabric sections with a light taupe linen.

 And goodbye Victorian Settee... Hello French Sofa.

I made a couple of modern cushions to dress it up. They are just made of linen fabric that I printed images onto using freezer paper & my cheapo injet printer.

Before and After... better, no?


  1. Great job on the sofa transformation. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work! Troy

    1. Thanks Troy! The funny think is, some mini furniture is quite beautiful but ruined by the colour choices or upholstery.. I'm trying to fix that, one piece at a time. :D

  2. I really love what you've achieved with this make over! Very stylish.

    1. Thanks Susan! I don't understand why everything has to be covered in red velvet. My mission is to try to look at the lines of a piece and see through the ugly upholstery to the beauty it could be. Ugly Ducklings rejoice! lol :D