Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sydney Miniature Show 2017 - My Mini Haul

So off I tripped to the Sydney Miniature Show yesterday... To be honest I was a little disappointed that so many artists & stalls holders decided not to attend this year... However, I still managed to pick up these wonderful baskets by IGMA Artisan Lidi Stroud. 

The Creel and Large Lobster Pot open & they are all so beautifully crafted. The Creel in particular is quite nostalgic for me as I remember my Grandfather having a very similar one which my Dad later inherited.. I don't know what happened to it but I suspect my Mum gave it away along with all his other fishing stuff after he passed away.. You can get these too, in her etsy shop!
This fishing gear is earmarked for my Heritage build which was always intended to be a retired Ship Captains house. They couldn't be more perfect for my imaginary Captain as in my imagination he likes to row around the cape to fish and catch crabs & lobsters... With that in mind, I picked up a small one man row boat for him at the same stall, made by Lidi's husband.

Here it is loaded up and ready to go!

But wait! Why am I shopping for a future build?.. Probably because I'm obsessed with rattan & wicker in all scales.. lol
Next I decided to buy a few items for the San Franciscan.

As the basement apartment will have a retaining wall in front of it's entrance and front window I've been entertaining the idea of a vertical wall garden. I saw these Staghorns and knew they'd be the perfect starting point. Again these are quite nostalgic for me as in addition to fishing, gardening was another hobby my Grandfather and father shared. They both grew many Staghorn ferns over their lives and they were a constant presence in all the gardens of my youth. :)
Of course I also picked up another two of Lidi's baskets, a selection of "concrete"pots (various vendors) for the upper garden & a hanging basket (Small Pleasures) that I may use on the front porch. I picked up the crackle finished blue cabinet in a clearance box, it was $4 so I figured I couldn't really go wrong. I had plans to refinish it and still may, but I kind of like it in this shot.

The interior detail of the Staghorns is wonderful too. They are mounded on trunk cross sections as they traditionally would be. :)

I moved on to look for interior accessories that would fit my San Franciscan's decor. I've wanted some of these glass Ginger Jars for a while so I took the opportunity to acquire some. :D

I also picked up the glass platter/bowl & the green apples and a couple of vases (not pictured).

I'm not quite sure where I'm going to use these pink bottles & the pink rimmed candle holder, as they don't particularly fit my theme, but I just really liked them. And well, the chocolate tin was too adorable to leave behind.

To go with the glass items I picked up some silver items. I really like the look of silver & glass interspersed with books & greenery on shelving. Since I intend to do some sort of book shelving in the living room of the San Franciscan I thought these pieces would suit. The fish platter may reside on the coffee table or standing in the shelving. I just realised it's upside down in this picture. Ha!

I went past the stall of a Dutch Lady and couldn't resist buying some bread for the kitchen (the chocolate tin also came from her). 

Another thing I like to shop for at miniature fairs is clearance furniture.I paid an average of ten dollars a piece for the items below. 

The tall chest is Town Square, the bedside tables to the left are JBM, the other bedsides and the chairs are Bespaq. I mean where else are you going to pick up Bespaq pieces for around $10 other than at a miniature fair! They are all going to get makeovers of some sort or another.. but they have good bones. 

Of course I looked for kits... it was slim pickings at this fair but I did pick up a Chrysnbon bathroom accessories kit & Phoenix parlour hob grate.. I've been eyeing off one of these from Phoenix online for a while. This is not the model I wanted but to buy the one I want would be $15AUD plus shipping, for $10 & no shipping this was a bargain I can use. It may be too large for the dining room fireplace but I'm sure I can use it in the living room. Then I picked up a Timberbrook Kitchen pantry kit. I don't really have a use for it yet but it was unusual as I'd never seen it before so I just decided to buy it and I'm sure it will find a home.. I'm kind of kicking myself now for not picking up the other Timberbrook kits this stall had. A linen closet and a sliding built in closet... should have got those. I also missed out on a Phoenix cooker for $7.50. I picked it up and handed to the vendor saying "I'll take this but let me just see if I want anything else before you ring me up"... Then I got distracted and forgot I had handed it over. By the time I remembered that I hadn't actually bought it, she had already sold it to someone else... Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened to me a a show... I have the attention span of a goldfish.. I have now instigated a new rule. Do not let an item go until you are ready to pay and pay immediately! lol

I've been looking for tartan fabrics for a while, so I picked up a couple and also an aged ticking that will be good for mattresses or pillows. I feel like the Captain is going to like a bit of Tartan in his life. :)

I also picked up a bunch of door knobs & other paraphernalia. Some wired bulbs, a Classics working step ladder, a few Houseworks components, ten Timberbrook Newel Posts (you never know when you'll need a good newel post! :D ), some tiny turnings, railing & decorative trim & assorted miscellaneous kitchen accessories.

Finally, I bought this little Gucci knock off handbag... I think my little female San Franciscan homeowner might be becoming a bit of a fashionista. :)

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