Sunday, 18 June 2017

Continuing work on the San Franciscan's Tree

Having thought on the tree for a day. I decided to use air dry clay around the base to cover the wire and turn the 4 branches I bought into a tree. I shortened the length of the trunk as discussed in my last post, before "planting" it in it's new spot in the foam I'm using to form the high side of the garden.

In case you hadn't noticed my San Franciscan is on one of the notorious hill streets. 😊

I also wanted to sculpt a thicker trunk with some roots etc. and I think the air dry clay will allow me to do that. Only time will tell whether this method will be sturdy enough long term.

I started by kneading and then rolling clay snakes and wrapping them around the tree trunk until the entire trunk was covered. This process was messier than I thought it would be so I don't have any in process" photos, lest my Iphone be permanently orange!

After I had good coverage I started to blend and shape the clay. I found wetting my hands and running them up and down the length of the tree the best process for this.

I accidentally happened upon a process that I think created some good tree trunk like crevices. I actually wrang the tree like you would wring out a towel. Basically I squeezed the clay and twisted. Which created the grizzled look below.


Here it is from the other sides

Driveway side


High side/Left side

 I created the roots with snakes of clay also.. just fashioning them into shapes I thought looked like a root and also taking into account areas I wanted to keep clear on the landscaping board.

Roots from the front (you can see the old position hole here.
I still need to fill that in properly.)

I created a couple of knots on the roots for interest, I think these will look great once painted and the grass I have planned is planted around them.

Then I scored the whole tree using a wooden clay knife using short strokes to simulate bark. A trick I got from War Games player", The Terrain Tutor's Tree bark tutorial.

There is old hole where I had originally planted the tree above.. maybe I should make it into a critter burrow like otterine did on her magnificent Haunted Heritage Tree.

Some bark detailing shots below.

And in situ in the front yard.

Still a bit large, (ok massive lol)  but I think when I trim the canopy and infill the branches it will bring it down to a manageable size. I do want it to have a canopy that hangs over the wall and driveway.

I have this magnificent large old Acacia out in front of my house.

And it lives in this tiny space between the road and the footpath and two driveways!...

So large urban trees are not unheard of and this house is meant to be more than 100 years old. No doubt it has an old tree in it's yard! :D

Now to wait for this to dry and then, next up, painting. That should be interesting!

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