Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Gustavian Style Lamp

Continuing on my handmade lighting obsession.. I made a lamp a little while ago but forgot to blog about it. :)

I've decided to go with a modern Gustavian style in the San Franciscan so I need some accessories! There is not much out there in this style in the mini world and what there is, is quite expensive. Make my own it is! I decided to start with a lamp as I need to start planning & implementing my lighting scheme in earnest.

My inspiration were these lamps and while mine isn't quite as beautiful as these.. I think it's still a good mini approximation.

Source: Cedar Hill Farmhouse
For this lamp I started with a Houseworks turning and drilled a hole down the centre. I also carved a notch out of the base to accomodate the wiring that would travel up the center of the turning.

But I wanted this base to have a driftwood-y aged Swedish grey look that you see so much in Gustavus pieces. So I tried a sample turning to see if I could achieve the effect I wanted.


For the shade I printed some appropriate graphics on white linen using the freezer paper method.

Chose the one I liked and wrapped it around a rectangular piece of card stock I had presized around my internal structure so that it would fit snugly. And that would make a high enough cylinder to cover the top of the light bulb.

I could have done a better job on this.. the graphics are a bit wonky. But I like the idea. :)

Here is the unpainted lamp next to the painted turning.. this is going well!

And it works!

Time to paint the base. First I covered the base in a light wood stain. Then I used successive thin washes of black, grey & white. Lastly I dry brushed on some chalk white to highlight.

Here you can see the lamp internals.. It's not pretty, but it doesn't have to be. Smoke and mirrors is all I need. :) 

This structure is made up of two smaller plastic fastener backs sandwiching a larger plastic washer. I had to use the smaller items to hold up the light bulb as the washer's hole was too large for it. The fasteners have the added bonus of having several holes in them so you can offset the wire, as they generally come wired towards one side of the bulb, making placement tricky if you don't have threading options.

I love the finished product, but I still need to make one more. :)


  1. Oh neat! This is excellent - especially for your first attempt! I think they are going to look very stylish in the build!

  2. The lamp is very-very lovely!

  3. I think your lampshade looks great Sam. And you may be interested in this site, if you haven't found it yet:öbler

    1. Oooh.. Thanks for the link Shannon.. I am quite the virtual shopper but I hadn't seen this site yet. :D