Saturday, 17 June 2017

I flocked a Cat!

Somehow that title just sounds a little wrong.. but anywhoo...

I have been coveting flocked 1:12 animals for a while but if you've ever seen the prices they go for on eBay you'll know why I haven't bit the bullet and purchased one!

There are some amazing pieces out there but for now they are out of my budget, so I decided to try my hand at the process using a Schleich toy Cat. There are quite a few YouTube tutorials around on this subject but I chose to follow the Paisley Pawz method as she both sculpts custom animals and flocks Schleich and other brand toys.

This is the Cat I chose bought at Toyworld for the princely sum of $4.80. I chose this model mainly because the eyes have been painted well. This was important because I will be keeping the eyes for this first attempt. I really want to learn to make my own polymer clay eyes but that's for a future project 😄

The first step was to paint the entire cat in gesso (leaving only the eyes and the nose). Then I painted some gloss varnish on the eyes and used a bit of makeup (powder blusher) like pastels to make the nose pinker and define the mouth line and then sealed it with matt varnish. Then I picked out the claws with black paint and the finest paint brush I could find

After this photo I also cut off the original tail and fashioned a new pose-able one out of wire.

The grey and white markings are a nostalgic nod to my first Cat Susie. She was a lovely old soul. Fat and gentle.

For the Grey long hair flocking I used 8 ply merino knitting wool which I combed out. The white hair is 4 ply baby merino wool combed out. For the face, ears & feet, I cut both of these wools into a fine flocking to simulate shorter hair. In the future I would use only the 4 ply for this purpose as it made a superior flock.  

For glue I used regular tacky glue. I tried instant grip also but went back to the tacky glue. You do require a fair amount of glue to get the wool to remain in place but not too much that it creates clumps of hair everywhere. It requires a bit of finessing and patients. I used straight needle nose tweezers to apply the long hair flock. Some use curved tip ones but I found them cumbersome. For the short flock I just applied glue and held the cat over a container and sprinkled in on. I waited for the glue to start to dry and then pressed it in with the tweezers or a clean finger.

A better view of the tail

One of the problems with using knitting wool is that it holds the kinks caused by the rolling process even after being combed out. This has made for quite a fuzzy cat. Too fuzzy for my liking! I attribute this fuzziness directly to the quality of the 8 ply merino.. The baby merino was a bit better to work with but I should have spent a bit more cash on already combed merino or mohair that is specifically made for crafting purposes. The amount of time spent on this project warrants the spend for a better end result.

And from the back

I still love her though. I hope she comes to live in the San Franciscan. 😊

One more picture for scale. 😉


  1. Get the flock outta here, lol! She turned out great and it's such a wonderful way to add realism to a standard DH animal. I'm definitely going to try this one day!

    1. Haha.. Thank you! You should give it a go... be warned though... it's FIDDLY!

  2. Oh my she is great looking. Still feeling this beyond me! But so are the ones for sale. So I may have to try. Thanks for the tips