Friday, 16 June 2017

Marble Hearths for the Fireplace

A while ago I made a couple of marble hearths out of polymer clay for the San Franciscan. One is thick and one is thinner. I'm leaning towards using the thinner one, as I like the swirls better. I may use the other on in another room or I may make another.

A friend on the Greenleaf Forums directed me to this tutorial, but there was too much mixing and I ended up with hardly any veins. Operator error no doubt.😏

So essentially I just loosely mixed pearl, silver & translucent clay. Then separately I loosely mixed white with a small amount of black. Then I rolled everything together in a ball and made snake ropes out of it, by rolling it out into a long snake, folding in half and then twisting it together like a corkscrew. Then I rolled it back into a ball, rolled it out and cut to size. Much simpler!

Quick Tip: roll out on waxed paper so your clay doesn't stick to your work surface.

Rolled out and cut to size before baking.  

I used one block each of white, translucent & pearl Sculpey brand polymer clay. Somewhere between an 8th & a 4th of a block of black mixed into the white clay (it was kind of just add black & mix until you get a base grey colour you are happy with and then add more for veining. At this point you are mixing just enough to get good colour variation).

With the silver I just added some chips, kind of like they used aluminium foil in the tutorial (but smaller pieces and more of them). I added them by gently rolling out my pearl/translucent clay mix and placing small silver pieces all over it randomly. I then cut the piece in half and placed one half on top of the other silver side up, Then I gently rolled it all back into a ball. Really as little rolling as possible so as not to get big chunks, but also not to lose the variation.

Honestly ALL of this pre-mixing was minimal.. the real magic happened in the rope snaking.

Bake in the oven according to the directions on your polymer clay package. You can sand this clay after baking but I advise against it as you will likely lose some of your pattern in the process.

In the end, I could have used a slightly larger mix. I was struggling to get a second hearth out of this mix, hence the thin one. Ironically it was the thin one I liked better for both colour and thickness.


  1. Great job! :D I've only ever painted marble effects, but this looks like a nice alternative.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I have no painting skills whatsoever, so I had to find an alternative. :D

  2. It turned out really great! I like the swirly veining on this one, too!