Monday, 19 June 2017

Painting the Tree

Continuing on with the San Franciscan's tree. Once the clay had mostly dried I started laying down a watery grey base coat to neutralise the orange clay.

The clay actually shrank and cracked in some of the places I made crevices, so I made sure to pay particular attention to them... I am going to use them to my advantage. :D  This is a gnarly old tree after all!

Hopefully I'll be able to create some lichen or moss in these cracks. :)

And it's starting to look like a tree. As you can see the base is still drying so I have a little bit of waiting to do!


Ok, moving on!

I loaded on a second coat of a very dark brown almost black colour made out of burnt sienna, olive, black, burgundy & a little white... and as you can see it dried in a very un-tree-like shiny finish. Time to add some chalk paint to flatten it.

I used Americana Rustic for this layer.

 It's getting there... but too brown.

Then I tried to layer on a lighter muddy grey mix because I've noticed that a lot of old trees are more grey & a dark olive-y colour, than they are the classic brown colour we think of.

Building it up.

Oops.. maybe too much...need to tone that down.

Turned the flash on to capture the detail.. I was starting to lose the light of the day.

 Better but still too brown. So, I mixed another lighter grey and tried stippling that on.

Oops.. have gone way too far!... Need to tone it down again. :D

I added back some of a mix of olive, burnt sienna, black, grey & white, until I had a muddy olive grey colour.. Then I added a little bit of charcoal wash to the roots.. better.. but still a bit splotchy.

The finished trunk... well not really, it still needs a little tweaking, but I've totally overworked it so I've had enough for now. I'll see how I feel about it in the morning and go from there.

A complete tree skeleton! (for now :D ). I still need to trim the canopy a bit.

 Next up, foliage!


  1. It looks very realistic. Nice work!

  2. Paint makes such a significant difference.
    I can see that it's been a time consuming project for you, but your tree really looks like a tree - Good Work!

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth. Appreciate you stopping by :)