Monday, 31 July 2017

A trip to Tamborine and Shopping part 3. :O

Hubby and I rarely get days off together (the joys of shift work) so when we do it's date day. That day this month was Friday. :)

We decided to take a trip up to Mt Tamborine, it's about an hour's drive from home and there are some lovely wineries and a couple of craft breweries and a distillery up there. Fun times!
Also they have an amazing fudge shop, but lets not talk about that. :)

We decided to lunch at the Bavarian Grill Haus.. (I wanted to eat at the Polish Place, but it burnt down on New Years Eve. :( ) DH loves German food (and beer) and is an active member of the local German club, so you can see why he chose this venue.

While we were eating lunch he suggested I make a trip up to Custom Dollhouse for a little mini shopping. It is quite literally, down the street from the restaurant. I said, no no no.. I've been spending quite a bit of money online lately, I don't need to go down there.... But he insisted and I wasn't going to prevaricate twice! :)

So I left him happily drinking beer at the bar and chatting to the German backpacker waitress and strolled down the street to the store.

I went in looking for dining chairs for the San Franciscan but came away with a couple of impulse buys as well. :)

I settled on these 4 dining chairs and 2 carvers. I already have 2 of these exact chairs, that I picked up at the Sydney Miniature Show. Seating for 8... quite a grand dining room it will be!

I intend to paint and reupholster these chairs into a modern Gustavian style. They have the right lines, so they should turn out great if my skill set can match my imagination. :)

Then completely on a whim I picked up this bed. Just because... :)

I thought I might use this in the San Franciscan.... I think it would be lovely painted white and then sanded back a bit for a bit of shabby Gustavian glory... But now that I look at it, I kind of like the walnut colour, so I may keep it as is and use it in a future project. Wherever it ends up, it will definitely get better linens than that hideous cover the mattress currently has. :)

Finally, I picked up these tub chairs with cane side panel detail. Again, I bought them for the lines not for the styling... I do not like the upholstery at all, but I intend to give them a make over and they feel suitably French or Gustavian to fit in as occasional chairs in the San Franciscan's Living room.

30 minutes and a dent in my wallet later I was back at the bar. Looking back, I think DH wanted to have a few more beers and sent me mini-ing so he could do so... forcing me into designated driver duty... lol

I'm not much of a drinker anyway, so it was a win win as far as I can tell. :D