Saturday, 29 July 2017

More shopping - but this time, appliances

My mini shopping spree continues. :)

A couple of weeks ago I got on a bit of an appliance kick.. In particular I was hunting down a washer and dryer for the San Franciscan's Garage.

I have long wanted a matched set of the Town Square washer & dryer. I searched for a while on eBay, but didn't see any come up... but I did see these Concord ones that looked really similar. I emailed the seller and asked what they were made of and they said metal, so I bid and won. Yay.. Well not so much... I have since found out that this set is resin and the doors don't open like the town square ones... They have yet to show up on my doorstep so time will tell what they actually are.... It doesn't really matter though, I didn't pay very much for them and they still look like a cute set.

So the search was back on for the elusive Town Square set and after much internet sleuthing I found a pair at Miniature Cottage.

They are now winging their way to Oz. :D

In an interesting and unusual find, as often happens when you have a major search in progress.. I found these retro salt & pepper shakers in the shape of a Laundromat washer & dryer. So retro cute and about the right size.

They look like they will need a bit of a clean up on arrival but for less than 10 Australian dollars who cares!. :D
I'll likely cover up the salt & pepper holes with laundry accessories... a folded stack of towels and some detergent maybe or even a basket or mini iron.. I like the idea of these for the San Franciscan but we shall see if they fit. 

So now I have three washers & 3 dryers.. oh my, how silly.. I'm just going to tell myself it's always good to have options. :D

While I was musing over at the Miniature Cottage website, I checked out their "retired pieces" section and saw a K J Metalworks stove and refrigerator being sold as a set. Be still my heart!

I've wanted been longing for one of these stoves since I saw one in Kim Saulter's Flicker album. If you know these pieces you know they are a splurge item!.. I ummed and ahhed about them for days.. adding to my cart.. removing.. adding.... Adding won. :D Better sign up for more overtime. :P

There are probably more realistic sets out there on the market but I just love these for their retro feel and fantastic interior features.

The bottom drawer opens as well. And as you can see by the electrical cord, they light up!

I wasn't really after the fridge, so it will be a bonus item. :)

Look, how adorable is the inside? :D Karen Fuller is/was a true artist.. not sure if she is still around but her Metalworks are fabulous.

Rounding out the appliance hunt I won an Auction for a DCMT Crescent Cooker. Having looked on Etsy and the like, I got this for a steal. About 5 pounds. 

It's in pretty rough shape but I intend to paint it with enamel paint so better for it to be like this than in pristine condition. Now that I've bought it I notice that Kim Saulter has this lovely in her collection also. I must have subconsciously picked that up while pouring over her lovely albums. :)

Still more to come... until next time. :)


  1. I love each one of your shopping spree purchases! Each one is so full of charm and character, and will add such amazing detail to your builds! What's a little overtime, right?
    One bad effect, tho - you are making me want to shop, but I have already spent my August allowance and it's not August yet! Better chain myself to my craft table. Each time I come over to the computer I manage to press some BUY button or other...
    Thanks a lot for sharing! :O)

    1. Thanks Jodi, I know what you mean.. I have a hard time not pushing the "buy it now" button a lot! :D
      I've been mucking around with my tree today but not getting very far.. The basement is at a bit of a standstill because I need to figure out what flooring and bathroom finishes I'm going to use.. and then buy them if necessary. Also I need to buy some trim to trim out my doors and windows, but mini furniture shopping is more fun than trim

  2. Lot's of great options! Even if you don't use them in the San Franciscan I'm sure you'll use them in later projects :) Even today I was trying to figure out a floor plan layout and was able to go through my stash to find some book cases from years ago. I thought to myself 'see you did NEED these!' You use everything eventually! ;)

    1. That's what I'm telling myself Krystine. Lots of options are always good and I'm sure I'll use them eventually. :D Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great finds Sam! You are a master at finding these little odd very particular items!

    1. Haha.. Yes, yes I am Shannon.. or maybe just really good at spending money.. lol

  4. Awesome finds! Lucky! Serious envy, I have a deep need for that refrigerator and stove! Looking forward to seeing your in their own kitchen.

    1. I know! So lucky! I really love them and am looking forward to getting them into my house. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)