Saturday, 23 September 2017

Remedial work on the Basement grouting.

So after the disaster that was the grouting on the San Franciscan basement, I pouted about it for a few days, sort solace from my friends over at Greenleaf, then pulled myself together and set about fixing it.

I took to it with my husband's toothbrush... ( I bought him a new one first ;) ) and some lime/calcium cleaner. I wet it liberally and then literally chiseled away at each little stone removing the bulk of the excess grout with an exacto blade. Then scrub, scrub, scrub!

After that I painted the stones that had lost their colour with Windsor & Newton Brush-markers. I learnt about those little miracle workers from Jodi over at My Miniature Madness. Great blog.. go and follow now. :D

Thank you dear Jodi... I learn so much from your blog!

Then I gave them a liberal coating of matt sealer and ta-da!

It looks soooo much better... still a few little touch ups to do but I feel much better about where this is going now.  :)