Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Basement Bathroom - Part One

I found some time to work on the basement apartment's bathroom today and it's really starting to come together! I've been working on it for a few weeks but haven't really blogged it so I'll add some things already done here to keep a record of my build and so you don't think.. how did we jump to here! 

I started out by making the walls of the room out of foam-core. Due to limited space I've made the room a bit of an odd shape. It's essentially a rectangle with the corner cut off, to steal back space for the main room of the studio apartment. I attached the walls to each other using glue and Tyvek for a stronger connection. I'm using a Classics Narrow Door for the bathroom as it's such a narrow space. An open full width door would nearly hit the sink/basin on the other side of the room. :o Using this door meant I had to pad out the wall with the door with basswood sheeting because the door is deeper than the foam-core.

I used the door as a template to mark out the door opening on the basswood. Then cut it out with an xacto and a straight rubber backed ruler.

Clothes pegs make good clamps for small jobs. :D 

Testing fit. The little space in the diagonal wall will be a frosted window to allow light into this potentially dingy basement bathroom. :)

All good. I spackled, primed & wallpapered all the areas that weren't getting tiles with painted card stock and then set to work on the shower stall.

I have decided on a "marble" subway tile style for the shower stall so I cut hundreds of little tiles from a real life marble look vinyl tile I got from the hardware store for the princely sum of 89c.

The tiling was a bit of a tedious job as its on three different walls and one isn't yet attached to the other two. That mean't every row that went in had to be checked against it's other wall counterpart to ensure the tiles stayed as close to lined up as possible. *rolls eyes* I was growing weary of it towards the end. I'm glad I didn't decide to tile the entire room! :D

I'm considering using this flooring, though I'm not convinced it looks "right". But it is clean and unobtrusive which I like. What I really want to do is buy some of these 1:24 scale hexagonal tiles from Henry Bart and paint them white for a spectacular small hexagon floor. I'm not sure I have the patience to wait for them to ship from France though.. Or the patience to lay them .. lol! :D

Next step, grouting!.. I'm using pink spackle that drys white. Love this stuff! So easy! ;)

It looks so different (and better) with the grout in place. There is a gap down the left hand side because these two walls are still in dry fit. I'll grout the gaps between the walls and the floors when I finally glue everything together. That won't happen until the very end because this little room greatly impedes my ability to see and get into, the corner of the apartment where the front door is. So I need to finish off all trims in there before I glue this room in place. 

My little window has been created up there in the corner. You can see the ceiling detail here too. Beams and boards painted white. The boards are cheap stick on wooden flooring from China (Yay for free shipping from China.. must be patient though, it takes forever!!). The Beams are balsa wood sticks as is the trim/cornice. I'll attack this with spackle to fill in all the gaps once it is glued to the ceiling. (Again, still in dry fit. :) )

Oops, I see I have a little crack in my spackle grout up their under the window & in the corner... Probably caused by all the manhandling required to wrestle these walls into place.. The perils of wanting a tight fit! I'll have to fix that! But not until glue!

Tap and Shower Rose testing. Looks about right.

This shower will have a glass (perspex) frame-less seam for a modern high end look. Testing for fit. :) 

And in situ. :) 

I took these photos with the room upside down and the floor not attached hence the light coming in from the bottom. I like the effect though.. Maybe I should install some floor lighting? Haha... Nope!

A close up of the rose and tap without the perspex reflecting. 

 I like the way the perspex frame looks in this photo.

Excuse the droopy rose, it's just kind of stuck in the hole, & like everything else is not glued in yet. It would be asking to be broken off if I glued it now while the walls are apart. Also excuse the weird colour variations in my pictures. They were taken over the course of the day and the light changed a lot. I also had to lighten up a couple because daylight was leaving me behind, fast! :) 

Taped a light to the ceiling to see how it looked.

Not sure I'll use this exact fixture, but I want something a bit modern I think. I was just going to give this room a round nondescript ceiling light, but the marble and perspex seem to be asking for something more. Hmmm..

And a pic without the perspex reflection. 

Let's turn the light on! 


 And one without that #$#@! perspex reflection. :D

Ok, I'm on a roll.. need to get back to it. Until next time!


  1. Absolutely fantastic job Sam! I love the little window. Really brings in some nice light.

    1. Thanks Carrie. :)
      The little window is just made with popsicle sticks and an opaque plastic office file sleeve. Considering the materials it turned out pretty well. :)

  2. Bravo Sam!!! This shower is fabulous and I hope that tenant is going to pay a heap of rent for the luxury of using it! I am so happy it is all coming together for you, and excited for me because WOW!!! This is an incredible build and I can't wait to see more!!!

    1. Thanks Jodi! :) Amazing how seeing a few results gives you a kick to keep going. :)

  3. Those tiles, and indeed the whole shower, look great Sam. I think the light fitting works.

    1. Thanks Shannon.. I'm not sold on the light.. I'll just have to keep looking. More mini shopping.. :D

  4. That's a marvelous shower! Well done! :D