Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Basement Loft Bed/Sleeping Platform Test

So I had another fairly productive day today. I added all the door handles to the basement installed some lighting and I decided to try out the loft bed idea for the apartment.

 I think I like it! It's not too obtrusive in the space I think? It kind of intrudes on one of the high side windows, but it means that the tenant gets a bit of natural light in his sleeping area. 😊 The furniture is just standing in.. I wanted to see how the space works and consider lighting options. This could be a really dark little corner without the appropriate fixture/s.

I started out by cutting a piece of foamcore to an appropriate size.

Testing for ceiling height. 😁

As you can see my original template was wider and didn't have the corner cut off. But when I tested it in the space it was too large and overwhelming. I decided to make it a double not a queen. :) And cut the corner off to open up the space and sight line and also to emulate the bathroom wall.

I added stick on wooden flooring to the bottom, to emulate the main ceilings.. I just realised I laid it in the opposite direction of the other ceilings.. Oops.. Meh, it's a feature. :)

 Then I trimmed it with painted balsa strips.

I made a quick mattress that will get stuck down  & tufted later.. if I decide to go with this option.

(excuse crappy pictures.. I ran out of light and take pictures with my ancient Iphone.)

To hold my mock up ... well, up.. I cut some balsa supports & jammed them in between trims for now.  If the loft gets the go ahead, I might dress these up a bit with metal brackets or something suitably industrial

Cutting the corner off really improved the sight line to the door.

I think it makes it feel more spacious too.. with ceiling height not compromised in a larger area. There is not a huge amount of height up there but it is just essentially a sleeping platform so, who needs height!

 It's a tight squeeze but there is just enough room with the kitchen installed for a ladder off to the side.

 From underneath towards the door.. It's all still a bit rough because it's not confirmed. If I do go with the loft I will need to paint and glue in the supports and sand and paint the spackle you can see on the underside here. It does slighty impinge on the window trim but it's not terrible.

And a full view from the kitchenette.

The under-loft seating area is quite adequate for a studio. I tried a floor lamp in this area but didn't like it. I am also considering a wall sconce instead of a lamp. The wall to the right might get some built in shelving.. not sure. Another option is a corner sofa with high wall shelving above.

Kitchen area with the light on. Oops the taps fell down. 😐

The Tenant stopped by with Moby to check out the ceiling height. :)

Yup, should be adequate.

Trying out the seating area. Why is it that all my furniture is too small for my 6 inch dolls. 😒

 Time to check out the head height on the platform.

It's tight, but okay I think? What do you think? (I know I think I have to find a new way to take photos.. lol)

Do you think I need a light up there in the loft? Obviously something very low profile.

A full view of the room with the tenant in place for scale. What do you guys think? Is it a go?

In other news, I installed a fixture in the bathroom.. but I think it''s getting uninstalled because that pattern on the wall is going to be a nightmare with the mirror going there. 😐


  1. okay first, love your loft...maybe a little sconce or a flat overhead light. Nothing big obviously.

    Your bathroom light is gorgeous but that pattern would drive me nuts too, and it might look even busier with the marble tiles in the shower.

    For your ladder, if you want it to be unobtrusive, why not make a simple shelf ladder that pivots from the wall? Umm... like this... only a ladder not boxes.

    1. Ooohh.. great idea Sheila.. I'm not sure I could manage the pivots but you have inspired me to try something else. perhaps a ladder that is attached to the wall like this

      but in a similar style to this

    2. You should check out Keli's 2015 Creatin' contest entry, she did a similar ladder up the side of the fireplace for her loft.

    3. That wall ladder is perfect. I think mine will be fairly similar. Thanks for the link! :)

  2. The loft bed is perfect! If you did not cut the corner, you would have needed a beam from the floor to support it, otherwise it would not look right. Great solution.
    The ceiling light looks fine, but a wall sconce would also work well.
    And yes, he needs a reading light. Whenever I have to sleep over away from home, my first question is, will there be a reading light?

    1. Thanks Megan, and yes! I agree... reading light is a must. Just kind of wondering how to achieve one that won't blind the tenant and that he won't hit his head on. :D Maybe he'll even get a little shelf up their to hold a book and a drink. :D

  3. The loft is perfect! Love the corner miter! I like the built in shelf idea and maybe you could incorporate the ladder into the end of it as well?
    A light on the wall just above where his head will be would be perfect. Maybe the flat LED strip lights with a very low profile box built around them and a frosted "glass" cover?
    I love the bathroom fixture, so maybe a frosted insert would still allow light but not shadows?
    I want to hug that Moby! He's so stinkin' cute!
    It's all coming together perfectly so keep it up!

    1. Great minds think alike Jodi. :) I was mulling over incorporating the wall ladder with some other shelving when you posted. :D Thanks for the suggestion of the LEDs I'm going to look into those as an option, he definitely needs a reading light. I'm trying a couple of other fixtures in the bathroom so we'll see how they go but I'll definitely try a frosted insert in this light. It might help diffuse things. :D And yes Moby is adorable, he even has a little bone shaped name tag on his leather collar. I'll have to make a post on my growing mini animal collection soon. :D

  4. I love this! I particularly love that you have your tenant (OK, I forget his name) testing things in the pictures: checking the ceiling height with his hand, climbing the ladder, lying down on the platform. How cool is that? The sleeping platform was such a great idea, and it really is perfect for this little basement apartment.

    1. Thanks Deborah! :) It was fun having him check things out. He's very nosy.. Moby just made himself comfortable on the couch and waited. :D

      It seems everyone agrees about the sleeping platform so I think it's got the go ahead to stay. :)

    2. Oh, and he doesn't have a name.. he's just "The Tenant" :)

  5. Hello Sam,
    THe loft is beautiful! I really like the bed platform. I have seen many construction and renovation shows that deal with smaller houses and living spaces, and I have often scene spaces about that height in real life homes, so it is perfectly acceptable. Tiny living is the new thing. The whole loft looks fresh and beautiful.
    Big hug
    N.B. I am so happy you added a follower feature on your blog. Now I can see new posts the minute they are up! Thank you

    1. Hi Giac, Yes it is a bit like a tiny house down there in the apartment. I'm kind of like that this part of the house is taking on that new trend. :) Finally I got a follow button.. I'm such an inexperienced blogger I didn't which add in it was... Found it eventually. I'm glad I added it too! (Hugs)