Friday, 29 December 2017

I digress into The Dining Room

I felt I needed a break from the basement, plus I'm waiting on some supplies so I digressed into the dining room for the morning.

I made the horizontal wood boards for the fireplace wall. They only have one coat of primer and one of paint in this picture. That has been rectified this afternoon.

I don't know what's going on with that chandelier being a bit wonky but it doesn't matter anyway as I've decided to replace it with something more suitable... Just contemplating what that is. :) 

The gaps around the chimney breast will be dealt with with trim. As you can see by my test piece, it will more than cover it. 

This is not the sculptey marble hearth I will be using. This is the thicker one I made, but for some unknown reason, I can't find my preferred thinner option. Still contemplating whether to cut out the floorboards and sink it for installation or leave it above. I do prefer the look of the hearth being a bit raised above floor height, but it might be neater the other way (if my skills extend to neat cutting of floorboards... current evidence suggests otherwise. ;) ) It will be glued down either way so will not sit up above the floorboards as seen here.

I've got a bit of a wonky floorboard issue as well. The boards warped when I whitewashed them and no amount of squashing under books has righted them. I think I will take them all apart and glue them individually to a thicker piece of card and see if that minimises the issue. I want the floor to be a bit rustic, but not this rustic!

Looking forward towards the front door. I still have this wall to make horizontal boards for. I've started cutting the ones for the bay as you can see.

The stairs in place. They are actually on a bit of an angle to be able to prop against the upper floor. These stairs are slightly too short for the ceiling height. Something I will have to deal with soon. I think I will add a riser at the back of the top step and attach it to the stairwell hole. The last step will be shallower than the rest but there is not much I can do about that. Given it's positioning it's not going to be noticable unless you go looking for it.

A snug fit against the kitchen door. I might notch out a bit of the step to make this sit flush with the trim. I've been having an internal debate about whether the newel post should go on the floor or on the first step. It seems people do it either way. I was firmly in the "on the floor" camp until I saw this photo and now I think it may look a bit odd protruding into the doorway space? Thoughts?

 Checking the fit of the kitchen and front doors. They are in a tight spot and will need to be glued with precision to make this all work out in the end. Getting a neat line of floorboards at both doorways has been an excercise in torture. :D

At least for now, the front door can open against the kitchen door successfully. Small wins! :)

I chucked together the HOM kit table I thought I would use for the room. (Don't be alarmed, only the base has been assembled I just hastily sat the tabel top pieces on top, hence the higgledy piggledy nature :) )

Hmmm... this is not promising, I think it is too large! 

I thought about removing a leaf from the centre but the way the table is constructed makes this look like it would be difficult if not impossible.

I think I will persevere with making and finishing it in the style I want and then see how it looks in the end. I may try to figure a way to lose the centre leaf also. I have another table kit I could try but it doesn't really have the right lines for the look I'm going for. Back to the drawing board.

The chairs are going to be used though so I decided to start their makeover to cheer me up after the dining table debacle.

I removed the cushions and any lingering glue. The cushions are not offensive as is but I'm not a fan of shiny fabric so they will be recovered.

 Then they got a coat of white primer.

 Don't be alarmed, they have to look worse before they can look better.

I think I'll give them a wash of brown then a wash of black, then a wash of grey and see what I get.

To be continued..... :D 


  1. I love your staircase, and I think a post on the floor will make your doorway look very crowded. What about a half floor/half step post? I've seen houses where the front of the post rests on the floor and the back is notched out to rest on the first step.

    See how it looks like they're fully on the floor but you can see the far one actually rests partially on the stair.

    1. Here's another with the banister only on one side

    2. Great idea Sheila, I'd never seen this before but it is the perfect compromise to the dilemma.. Now if my mini carpenter skills can just pull it off! :)

  2. Wow! I am so excited about getting a look at the dining room! I love the effect of the horizontal boards behind the fireplace and I love the fireplace and surround, too.
    The trims hide a lot of the crookedness of these "old" homes, thank goodness! ;O)
    I think thicker card will help. What adhesive did you use to secure it to the card? Something non water based may also be less warpy. You could always sand the boards after they are adhered to the card, then touch up the whitewash.
    I like the hearth above the floor, and if you end up with some gaps you can add some 1/16" quarter round.
    I had the same newel post debate. In your space, it might look good if you notch the newel post so that it sits on the floor but partially onto the stair, as well. I like your plan to make up for the height.
    Have you considered making the front door slide to the right to open rather than being hinged from the wall? Like on barn door tracks? Maybe it could also open out like most doors in hurricane areas do?
    I love the table and it would be perfect for the space if not for the stairs. Damn those dollhouse stairs! They always seem to be in the way taking up too much space! I know you will find a work around to how the table functions without the extra leaves. The chars are going to be smashing!

    1. Thanks Jodi. :) You and Sheila have had the same idea on the newel.. great minds think alike! :) I can't remember what I used to glue the boards down.. it was a long time ago.. lol.. Whatever it was it's strong because the card is still stuck to them tightly, it just warped as well.. I do recall using quite a watery wash.. obviously this was a bad idea. The wood has actually curled in some areas. I wonder if it heated it, would it bend back. I may sand them and see how that goes.. worst case I'll just have to make another floor.. not the end of the world. Quarter round for the hearth is a good idea. I'm going to be using it to trim out where the boarded walls meet the chimney breast so I already have some on hand. I'm traditional when it comes to doors so I don't think I'll do a slider at the front. If I'd thought it through a bit more I might have done one on the kitchen but it wouldn't have solved the problem anyway. I could still move the kitchen doorway to the rear. I haven't committed it to this location. I know the stairs are such a pain but I must have them.. lol... can't bring myself to omit them.. just not into teleporting to the next floor. :D

  3. Thank you for documenting your work so well. I am enjoying following your progress and learned one thing or two. Your are doing a terrific job, you are certainly on the right path. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and giving me encouragement. I really appreciate it. Happy New Year to you too!