Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Garage done... and an introduction

I've finished a room.. ok it's the Garage.. the easiest room.. lol.. but hey it's finished.

Well, when I say finished... I mean the painting and decorating is finished. No styling yet. But trims are done and lighting is installed.

And door hardware has been added.

I did want to put a laundry in here, but there is not much room for anything other than the lilac Morris Minor! :D

Upstairs Guy and Girl found it when they started renovating the basement. It belonged to the Great Aunt they inherited the house from. :)

Upstairs Guy has made a cameo appearance on the blog before but you haven't met Upstairs Girl yet. :)

She has claimed the Morris as her own, given it's decidedly girly colour.

It's just the right kind of cool vintage car for this San Francisco hipster.

The windows still roll down, old school style. :)

Upstairs Guy is going to have to do some work to it, to get it running at it's best. 

 They are pretty happy with their garage find.

See ya! Upstairs Girl is going to take it for a spin around the block! :D 

In other news...  I'm off on a ski holiday tomorrow. I'll be gone for 3 weeks! I may post some holiday pictures if the wifi in our rental is any good. If not, I'll see you guys in a month! :D

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Fairy Forest in the morning mist

A new mini painting from a full size tutorial on YouTube. 

It's surprising uncomplicated to replicate a 1:1 painting into mini size.  I've called this one "Dawn in the Fairy Forest" because it's a gift for a friend who showed me an unsolicited mini kindness. 

The Youtube Channel I painted this one from is called Acrylic Painting Techniques. Great Channel! I don't know the name of the artist because he doesn't identify himself, but he does a lot of these colourful/whimsical/slightly fantasy type paintings that seem appropriate to a fairy house which is what my friend is building.

Here's a bit more of a close up of the detail. Quite chuffed with this one. :D I hope she likes it.

Monday, 22 January 2018

My Chandeliers have arrived!

Well my Chandeliers have arrived and they are so wonderful I had to quickly try them out in the house. :D

This one is seriously divine and exactly the Gustavian look I want.

The detail is amazing.

 It is slightly on the large size. But I kind of like the drama of it. :)

I don't think it hangs too low for over a dining table.. What do you think?

 A bit more of a scale shot... It's large for sure, I prefer to call it grand. :)

And now to see if it works. TaDa! Let there be light!

 I do wish a little bit that the upper portion got some light or even had a little light in it, so that it lit up as well.. but

I'm not complaining because it makes me swoon when I look at this shot over the dining table.. :D 

Next up for testing is the cascade chandelier. This one is really gorgeous in real life. Sorry for the blurry photo, it was hard to photograph due to really short wiring and a chain that was larger than the my drilled hole. I had to mock it up by taping it to the ceiling, which kept giving away and then hold the power board in reach of the ridiculous wiring and try to take pictures with my other hand. Anyway, in this shot you can really see the detailing at the top. So beautiful

And lets light it up and try to take pics at the same time. A test of patience believe me!

This one gives off more light than the first. I have a little bend in the metal at the top there, I think I did than one of the multiple times it dropped during the futile photographing fiasco. :) I will attempt to bend it back into shape without breaking it.... on another day when I'm feeling like I could attempt a delicate task. Today is not that day.. :)

Again, it's really quite large and dramatic so I hung it a little higher and I like this better but I'm not sure it's beating out the first one, but it is great to have options though. :) 

Next I hung the Getzan. It's so pretty and delicate, really a lovely piece. But after the drama of the first two, I'm not sure it's "enough" for this room.

Having said that, with 5 bi-pin bulbs it gives off way more light than the other two which is nice. It may just be too delicate & pretty for this room.. I am feeling it for the bedroom though. I think it would be stunning as a bedroom fixture. :) 

 They are all so exquisite I'm spoilt for choice.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

A new rabbit hole - Mini Painting!

I've fallen down a new mini rabbit hole... A tangent of mini making if you will... Mini Painting! I am having so much fun! But don't worry, this is just a time occupier/alternate mini thing to do, when I'm waiting for supplies for the San Franciscan.. or just have lost my build mojo and need a break.. Very addictive though.. I could literally sit and paint all day.

The idea came from one of the mods over at Greanleaf who posted some of her wonderful mini paintings, she was raving about how much fun it was and how easy and pointed us in the direction of some youtube tutorials.  I decided to give it a try, if only to prove her wrong.. lol

I started out with this snow scene I found on the youtube channel "Painting with Jane"to remind me that it's not 1000 degrees everywhere in the world and get in the mood for my fast approaching ski trip to Utah. :)

Then I worked on a couple of farm buildings to try to learn perspective..... Not particularly successful but good for practice

The one on the right is another Jane painting and the one on the left is an interpretation of a Ginger Cook... It still needs more work on the foliage on the left...

Then I moved on to an oil artist, Kevin Hill.. He speed paints, so not much instruction, but I just love the look of his paintings so I decided to give it a try anyway.. I've used acrylics because I'm not waiting around for oils to dry in miniature.. lol.. I liked this painting for the road, but I really need some modellers brushes to be able to get the level of detail I want. :) 

There was a distinct theme going on here.. As Mike over at Greanleaf said.. I was going through my "barn phase" :) 

Moving on.. I though I'd try my hand at something a bit more modern.. For a modern dollhouse perhaps.. I settled on this beach fire and I really love this one for it's simplicity. I'll definitely be hanging it in one of my houses. Lesson learnt here.. Fire is difficult to capture correctly.

Then I tried this book & candle painting and it was a bit of a fail.. lol.. I clearly haven't learnt to paint straight lines yet.. I think the texture of the canvas fights you on this kind of painting too.. It would probably be better on watercolour paper or similar.. just to avoid the texture messing with your lines.. This was a good practice painting though, and another lesson in fire/flame painting, so all was not lost. :)

Moving on to something with no straight lines.. :) A bird! I saw this painting of a Cardinal in the snow by "The Frugal Crafter" on you tube and thought it was so pretty, I decided to try to replicate it in mini. Mine is alot darker than hers and for a minute there I thought the bird was going to end up as a blob on the page, but looking at it now, it didn't turn out that bad. The eye is just a tiny speck of white paint. Painting in this scale is really just an excercise in tricking the eye into believing it sees a picture.. :D

I've been posting these paintings over at Greenleaf and it bought in my first commission. :D

The below painting is called Supermoon Rising (another Jane Font, check out the original here to see how I went.) Supermoon Rising is now winging it's way Stateside.. I love the idea of one of my mini paintings hanging in a dollhouse on the other side of the world.. pretty cool!

It's for a friend who mini's in half scale, which got me thinking.. why don't I make it harder for myself... and paint a painting in 1:24! And so the little winter cardinal below it, was born.

Here is a larger shot of the winter cardinal. I fixed up his little "front of topnot" issue once I saw this picture.. Seriously, in real life I couldn't even see it.. Zooming photos have some use after all.. and.. I need glasses or a magnifying glass if I'm going to paint this small regularly.. Incredibly cross eyed by the end of it..

By now I wanted to just paint a couple of easy pretty little shabby chic paintings.. Things I might want to hang in a shabby house... I found Angela Andersons youtube channel and she specialises in pretty.. :)  So I did a couple of wreaths and a vase of abstract flowers.. Who knows what they are, they turned out nothing like hers, but they are cute enough to hang I think. The vase was another good lesson... It's meant to be see through green glass... and although I had no idea how that was going to happen when I was mid painting, it seems relativly effective when I look at it below. These paintings were just quick little 15 minute numbers they are not perfect and not high on detail.. and they need some trimming and refining.. But they were so fun and cute, I couldn't not include them in this post. :) 

This last one is a lighthouse I found on "Art of John Magne Lisondra" I really want to do some nautical paintings for the ship captains house.. This might be too bright and cheery for him but it will go well in my distantly planned Beach House. Again, not an exact replica but an interpretation of the artists original. :)

Here's a detail shot.. I really love how this painting turned out, but it really fought me all the way.. I just couldn't get the blue tones right. The hint of yellow in the clouds, waves and lighthouse to simulate the reflection of the afternoon sun was super challenging.. Not to mention water washing onto rocks and the sea spray.. I really had to be very light handed on this one.. Which is not me.. lol.. I got up and walked away from it several times throughout the day.. I think it's the better for it.. 

Next I think I'll tackle a ship!.. It'll probably be a disaster.. but seize the day right? And anyway the fun is in the making. :D

Update: Cardinal in the snow has found a new home also. He's off to Texas. :D

Update, update: Autumn Barn has also found a home.. in Oregon. :)

Saturday, 6 January 2018

A Purchase - Gustavian Light fixtures!

I have a problem I tell you.. it's a terrible affliction.. mini spendthriftyness.

Don't tell my husband how much I spent on these lights.. Especially with our ski trip around the corner.. If he knew, many colourful sentences would ensue and I might not be making the ski trip at all.. :D  Truth be told he's very understanding of my um habit.. now just probably isn't the best timing.

But, I saw them and could not resist.. you only live once right?

These lovelies are winging their way from Canada as we speak.

I think this one might hang over the dining room table and if it doesn't work out there, I'm sure I'll find another home for it.. say the boudoir? :D

This one may become a bathroom fixture... A very extravagant one.. again, live once and all that.. :)

These lights are handmade by ebayer kailusky66. They look so gorgeous, I can't wait to see them in person and get them in the San Franciscan.

To round out the trio I also just purchased a J. Getzan "Jacqueline" from an estate sale ... It's my back up plan for the dining room if the gorgeous one above doesn't emit enough light. I borrowed a picture from the dollhouse shop  Dollhouses, Trains & more. I hope they don't mind. :) 

Here's hoping they arrive before we leave for the USA.. For the price of the postage they should be travelling first class on a space ship. :)