Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My Hobby Lobby and Walmart visit - Help me my credit card is in Cardiac Arrest! :)

This post is a little late but I wanted to show you all what I got at Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

And Ok, my credit card did survive... everything was very reasonably priced and papercrafts were on sale at Hobby Lobby.. Yippee! Of course I focused in that area. :D Snapping up a bunch more scrapbook paper to use for feature walls and flooring.

Stickers and Embellishments were also part of the papercrafts sale so I made sure to pick up a few to be used for various furniture, artwork and decor projects.

This roll of paper was on sale for $1.75. I thought the marble pattern looked good for scale so I picked it up. I think the roll is wide enough that it will be good to cover countertops in. I may even be able to make a backsplash out of it. Or I could mount it to card and make tiles. :) 

Found these great frames in the embellishment area, I liked them so much I bought two sets. They already have a great shabby look, so one set may stay as is and the others might get different painted finishes.

I took Janine from Minworks wonderful advice to remove my previously purchased ribbon from the cardboard rolls to free up more space in my suitcase.. And then promptly visited the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby and bought twice (OK maybe 3 times) as many rolls as I did at Michaels!.. lol... I now have many fantastic options for cute modern cushions. :D

Then when I was looking at the stamp aisle I had an idea to stamp plain fabric for modern themed cushions, so I picked up a few that were on sale and looked to be about the right size to come home and experiment with. I'll be sure to post my results... but first I need to buy some ink pads. I didn't want to carry those home in my luggage.

I found the cutest little books in the bead/charm area.  They are a little large for scale but some of them open and I just thought they were the cutest things. Books come in all sizes anyway right?

The passports are much larger than a real life passport would be but look they open and are printed inside.. too adorable!

The treasure island book came with this little bottle with a treasure map inside. :D I'll probably cut down the cork to a more reasonable size and it will be darling. The book is really well made and only slightly too big for scale. It'll be great for a bookcase or in a coffee table display.

They also had several other titles in the charm section. They came in sets of three and are slightly larger than the Treasure Island book but still not too large. Not quite as well made as Treasure Island but still cute.

They have very cute covers.  The Secret Garden book charms were sold separately and are the same quality as Treasure Island. I got two of each.

And even the backs are illustrated!

 They will be great for bookcase fillers because the spines have Author detail on them. I just need to cut off the rings and we are good to go.

These books are great for fun and filler but I have two truly stunning ones to feature in my houses which I will show you in a future post. I received them in the mail right before my trip and didn't have time to do them justice in a blog post but will do soon. They were my swap choices with my half scale friend Deb from Greenleaf. I painted her a painting and she very kindly made me two 1:12 scale readable books. They are seriously wonderful and I got the better end of the deal for sure! :D 

Still in the charm section I picked up these globes. They are wildly different sizes but I love the colours of both. I think the small one is more of a desk top globe size and the larger one if added to a pedestal will make a great floor model. As an added bonus it came with a set of binoculars. :)

 These charms are going to make great decor. I love the pinecones.. they are going to look wonderful mounted as decor or even just in a basket. I checked the scale of the little hand mirror against upstairs girl and it is the perfect size. The little opening heart shaped box beside it will be dresser decor. The elephant and the winners cup will be cute shelf fillers.

The small cameos will make nice wall art. The bottle caps will become trays and the pineapple I like for blingy decor just as it is.

I also picked up some jewelry findings I thought had good potential for vases, bottles & lids. The blue beads will become ginger jar type decor and possibly lamps. The beach style buttons will be mounted as modern nautical decor on stands or as wall art. The little cat buttons are actually velvet and very cute. I can't really remember what I had in mind for them when I picked them up but I'm sure I'll find a use. At the very least the black ones will come in handy at Halloween. :)

Just as I was leaving this aisle I saw these tiny little starfish bezel fillers. These are going to be great decor items. I'll probably mount some and put some in a bowl.

In the modellers section I picked up some more greenery of various shapes to make topiaries and some also tiny flowers from papercrafts.

 When I finally made it over to the miniatures section, I didn't actually pick up that much stuff there. lol I did grab some more miniature food, a toothbrush set and some plates.

Also a cake, a toaster, some jam jars, a TV and some reindeers I intend to turn into decor after a paint job.

Then I picked up some miniature hinges and some round screw in light bulbs. I've found it incredibly hard to find round wired bulbs online.. nobody seems to carry them anymore.. so I've had to satisfy myself with flame shaped ones. I'm hopeful I'll be able to change those out for these round ones. 

On the way out I swung through the art section and picked up some mini canvas' of various sizes. As you do. :) 

I've seen the Walmart memes and seriously considered wearing my pyjamas over to the store so I would fit in, but alas the Park City Walmart was very staid.. no people watching then.. on to the craft section. 

It was a quick visit on our last day, as we were on our way to pick up our skis from the hill. But I did manage to pick up one final roll of ribbon. I really like this one, I'm a fan of lattice pattern and I think it will make some great cushions. I also grabbed some fat quarters which I forgot to take a picture of.

I found these little embroidered applique stars that will be cute on soft furnishings.

A few more charms to be turned into decorative accessories.

And... Walmart had even smaller mini canvases, including some black ones. These are a great size for mini paintings so I picked up a couple of packets.

That rounds out my US mini shopping spree.. I have so much great stuff, it's going to keep me in projects for months! :D

Monday, 12 February 2018

Skiing Shmiing! - A visit to Michael's is a US vacation must.

So a few days ago I realised there was a Michael's about 15 minutes from where I'm staying for my Ski Trip. For US dwellers this must not seem like a big deal and no reason to blow off an afternoon in the hot tub. :)  But for someone like me who lives in a country of 24 million people and suffers the accompanying lack of retail choice due to the inability to apply economies of scale... it's a big deal!!

For Australian readers, this craft store is like the Spotlight craft and decor sections on steroids. It's more specialised than Spotlight so no, curtains, blinds, fabric, kitchenware, manchester etc, (they have many other stores for that stuff) but such lovely seasonal decor (far nicer than anything we have) and an amazing selection of crafting items.. I was compelled to shop.

Luckily mini crafting items are small so another suitcase shouldn't be required. :D

I mentioned my impending shopping spree to my friends over at the Greenleaf forum and they told me about a sale and a 40 percent off coupon. Even better! Thanks guys!

When I got to the store I didn't know where to start, sensory overload!  I turned down the first aisle and wandered through a maze of silk flowers and plants.. aisles of them.. an amazing selection. If I had an extra suitcase I'd be taking some of these home too, but I had to be sensible. The next aisle I turned down was the fairy garden aisle... Yes a whole aisle, not one little end stand. When I saw the "40 percent off all Tiny Treasures" sign in addition to the 20 percent Valentines sale, I decided this was as good a place as any to start my Mini shopping spree.

I started with mini trees and topiaries. These will be good garden fillers, amongst the hand made plants I intend to make with my punches and origami paper.

I think these little topiary balls will be really cute once potted and given a little treatment to their 
plastic stems. Maybe some reindeer moss in the pot. :)

There was a summer pool themed section so I picked up a couple of cute buckets of beverages for a poolside party.

 I thought these garden chairs were cute so I picked up a couple with a view to paint them a more adult colour.. I may even rust them up. We shall see. The swan I couldn't resist. I though it would make the most amazing retro kitsch garden planter. It will probably also get a make over. Maybe a bit of aging. The fence I thought was cute and might come in handy in a future project and hey, 40 + 20 percent off. The tin bucket will get aged and probably some new handles. I may or may not remove the vegetables from the wooden basket. I'm undecided.

I intend to paint these wire lanterns and make lights out of them. I liked their shape and thought they had promise. We shall see if I can realise my vision. :)

On a lighting note I picked up some battery operated string LEDs in warm white. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of light they give off.

The next aisle also had miniatures of a different brand, no sale on these ones other than the standard 20 percent, :( But smalls are very expensive in Australia with shipping usually more than the item both domestically and internationally, so I took the opportunity to buy what was on offer. The scales varied with no indication which ones they were so I just took a punt on the things that looked most like 1:12. I'm not too concerned about complete accuracy, I just want things to look "right" when in a vignette, so I'm sure I'll be able to use most of what I bought somewhere. :)

I really don't have much in the way of food in mini so I bought quite a few items.

I really like these little clay/plastic food items. I think the Cauliflower is my favourite. I may remove most of the fruit and veg from the crates. I really wanted the food not the containers.. but we shall see what I need, when I need it and make a decision then. The pastries are not the most realistic I've seen but will be good as fillers. At least until I master polymer clay and can make my own. :)

I love the little donuts in their box and the cola bottles. The little cans have cute detail for the ring pull. and the pitchers of juice and tea are adorable. Pancakes, cookies and a cake round out the food purchases.

I also picked up a couple of candelabras that will get a make over. And a selection of plates and cups, most of which will receive paint jobs. 

I couldn't resist this adorable rose teapot and cups even though they are probably slightly too large. I just thought they were too cute and I will have to see if I can work them into a scene somewhere when I get home.

I picked up a few random unrelated minis that were either on sale or as in the case of the mirror, something I needed. I already have one of these mirrors and I want to do a double vanity so needed another one. I could probably have gotten one from China for less but I would have to wait over a month for shipping.

 I also bought a few garden accessories, some tools and mini animals that I will use as indoor ornaments. The Labrador retriever is a Safari Ltd model.. I think I'll flock him. I love the bird bath as is. It's very elegant and may end up in the garden of the San Franciscan.

I think I'll turn the little deer into Christmas decorations. The Swans and blue birds will become indoor decor. The other bird may become a garden ornament as will the flamingos of course!

Some of the beach buckets will get make overs as will the tools. The snails and cute little Gnome will be lawn ornaments.

Over in the scrapbook department I picked up some textured papers that may work as tile or counter coverings. I also picked up some fabric paper that may work for rugs and a sheet of mirror paper.

 Also a few modern prints for feature wall, wall paper. (Excuse blurry photo)

Then I wandered the embellishment section. Sooo many things to choose from it was difficult to get out of their without a crane. :)

I got a pair of matching frames, that will most likely become mirrors. Some cute enameled numbers that would be good for house numbers. Cabochon frames that I will use with my own inserts. Some steampunk looking gears and cogs that will become home decor or may even be used to create lamp shades for custom lighting. I intend to use the embossed keys to create wall art. The typography will likely be used as modern decor.

The Patriotic embellishments are fabric and will be used to create folk art and decorative cushions. The art packs were a spontaneous buy because they have some interesting things in them and I'm curious as to how I would apply them to mini. The options are only limited by my imagination. :) The Jim Holtz fabric has great modern texture and colour so should be fun to use on a furniture project. The travel stickers will become artwork and the Architectural elements will be used to embellish ceilings and the like.

Several packets of mini roses to fill window boxes with.

I bought these ribbons to make coordinating cushions. There were so many more ribbons I could have bought in the ribbon aisle, but these rolls are large and space in my suitcase is at a premium. Again, so many more to select from than in Australian stores.

I finally made it over to the jewelry finding section and bought a selection of cool charms to transform into minis. The frames will become trays. The glass lidded box will become coffee table decor, probably filled with shells or similar. The lighthouse cat bowl and passport will become decor as will the antler charms once mounted on stands. The bead caps will be used for various projects and to create some delicate filigree bowls. The tiny coastal charms will become decor for bowls etc. 

That's all for now.. Now if I could just make it over to Hobby Lobby.......