Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My Hobby Lobby and Walmart visit - Help me my credit card is in Cardiac Arrest! :)

This post is a little late but I wanted to show you all what I got at Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

And Ok, my credit card did survive... everything was very reasonably priced and papercrafts were on sale at Hobby Lobby.. Yippee! Of course I focused in that area. :D Snapping up a bunch more scrapbook paper to use for feature walls and flooring.

Stickers and Embellishments were also part of the papercrafts sale so I made sure to pick up a few to be used for various furniture, artwork and decor projects.

This roll of paper was on sale for $1.75. I thought the marble pattern looked good for scale so I picked it up. I think the roll is wide enough that it will be good to cover countertops in. I may even be able to make a backsplash out of it. Or I could mount it to card and make tiles. :) 

Found these great frames in the embellishment area, I liked them so much I bought two sets. They already have a great shabby look, so one set may stay as is and the others might get different painted finishes.

I took Janine from Minworks wonderful advice to remove my previously purchased ribbon from the cardboard rolls to free up more space in my suitcase.. And then promptly visited the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby and bought twice (OK maybe 3 times) as many rolls as I did at Michaels!.. lol... I now have many fantastic options for cute modern cushions. :D

Then when I was looking at the stamp aisle I had an idea to stamp plain fabric for modern themed cushions, so I picked up a few that were on sale and looked to be about the right size to come home and experiment with. I'll be sure to post my results... but first I need to buy some ink pads. I didn't want to carry those home in my luggage.

I found the cutest little books in the bead/charm area.  They are a little large for scale but some of them open and I just thought they were the cutest things. Books come in all sizes anyway right?

The passports are much larger than a real life passport would be but look they open and are printed inside.. too adorable!

The treasure island book came with this little bottle with a treasure map inside. :D I'll probably cut down the cork to a more reasonable size and it will be darling. The book is really well made and only slightly too big for scale. It'll be great for a bookcase or in a coffee table display.

They also had several other titles in the charm section. They came in sets of three and are slightly larger than the Treasure Island book but still not too large. Not quite as well made as Treasure Island but still cute.

They have very cute covers.  The Secret Garden book charms were sold separately and are the same quality as Treasure Island. I got two of each.

And even the backs are illustrated!

 They will be great for bookcase fillers because the spines have Author detail on them. I just need to cut off the rings and we are good to go.

These books are great for fun and filler but I have two truly stunning ones to feature in my houses which I will show you in a future post. I received them in the mail right before my trip and didn't have time to do them justice in a blog post but will do soon. They were my swap choices with my half scale friend Deb from Greenleaf. I painted her a painting and she very kindly made me two 1:12 scale readable books. They are seriously wonderful and I got the better end of the deal for sure! :D 

Still in the charm section I picked up these globes. They are wildly different sizes but I love the colours of both. I think the small one is more of a desk top globe size and the larger one if added to a pedestal will make a great floor model. As an added bonus it came with a set of binoculars. :)

 These charms are going to make great decor. I love the pinecones.. they are going to look wonderful mounted as decor or even just in a basket. I checked the scale of the little hand mirror against upstairs girl and it is the perfect size. The little opening heart shaped box beside it will be dresser decor. The elephant and the winners cup will be cute shelf fillers.

The small cameos will make nice wall art. The bottle caps will become trays and the pineapple I like for blingy decor just as it is.

I also picked up some jewelry findings I thought had good potential for vases, bottles & lids. The blue beads will become ginger jar type decor and possibly lamps. The beach style buttons will be mounted as modern nautical decor on stands or as wall art. The little cat buttons are actually velvet and very cute. I can't really remember what I had in mind for them when I picked them up but I'm sure I'll find a use. At the very least the black ones will come in handy at Halloween. :)

Just as I was leaving this aisle I saw these tiny little starfish bezel fillers. These are going to be great decor items. I'll probably mount some and put some in a bowl.

In the modellers section I picked up some more greenery of various shapes to make topiaries and some also tiny flowers from papercrafts.

 When I finally made it over to the miniatures section, I didn't actually pick up that much stuff there. lol I did grab some more miniature food, a toothbrush set and some plates.

Also a cake, a toaster, some jam jars, a TV and some reindeers I intend to turn into decor after a paint job.

Then I picked up some miniature hinges and some round screw in light bulbs. I've found it incredibly hard to find round wired bulbs online.. nobody seems to carry them anymore.. so I've had to satisfy myself with flame shaped ones. I'm hopeful I'll be able to change those out for these round ones. 

On the way out I swung through the art section and picked up some mini canvas' of various sizes. As you do. :) 

I've seen the Walmart memes and seriously considered wearing my pyjamas over to the store so I would fit in, but alas the Park City Walmart was very staid.. no people watching then.. on to the craft section. 

It was a quick visit on our last day, as we were on our way to pick up our skis from the hill. But I did manage to pick up one final roll of ribbon. I really like this one, I'm a fan of lattice pattern and I think it will make some great cushions. I also grabbed some fat quarters which I forgot to take a picture of.

I found these little embroidered applique stars that will be cute on soft furnishings.

A few more charms to be turned into decorative accessories.

And... Walmart had even smaller mini canvases, including some black ones. These are a great size for mini paintings so I picked up a couple of packets.

That rounds out my US mini shopping spree.. I have so much great stuff, it's going to keep me in projects for months! :D


  1. I see you discovered Hobby Lobby's jewelry making aisles. I spend hours there looking for little charms for the dollhouses. Perfect right? I love those little books. Every couple years they change up the designs.

    So glad you had fun and now we get to watch you play with all the new 'toys'.

    1. I know right! I was in there from about 11am to 3:30pm!.. lol I could have stayed longer but didn't want to have to drive back over the mountains in the dark.. Good to know they change up the books. I'll have to check again next time I'm over there.:)

  2. Holy mole you hit the Mother Lode! So many awesome finds, and now you have an enviable supply of makings for unique and amazing mini decor! You always have the neatest ideas so I am excited to see what you come up with for them. When you think about all the shipping $$$ you saved, I bet it feels like an even sweeter bounty!

    1. Aww thanks Jodi! And No kidding!.. that's what I kept telling myself.. no shipping! I feel like I have a great stash at the moment and it's inspiring many things.. so many in fact that I am a little overwhelmed with all the ideas running through my head and don't know where to start! lol

  3. So many amazing treasures! Love the roll of faux marble, it looks like the perfect scale. And I have to remember to go look at ribbon for cushions! I love the patterns you found, much nicer and more to scale then a lot of what's at the fabric store. Your place is going to be so well accessorized :)

    1. Krystine, I feel like I had a mini epiphany in the ribbon ailses.. lol.. Hang on a minute, these are wide enough to make cushions with! There are so many great options.. I was limited on space so had to make choices but if I lived there I'd have come out with a shopping trolley full.. haha.

  4. You found such cool things! I'm in love with the books, they are amazing! I can't wait to see your projects using all these treasures you found :-).

    1. Thanks! Yes the books are amazing. There was a little mermaid one there that was quite a bit bigger, it would be great for 1:6 scale. I think even some of these could work as smaller books. :)

  5. Dear Sam, You must have been in overload. Sometimes I get quite dizzy in the Hobby stores as I seem to stop breathing! I look forward to seeing what you create with your treasures.
    The marble is very authentic and the scale looks good. ..... so many things, so little time.

    1. Haha yes Janine, total overload.. I spent hours in these stores.. literally hours. My husband had to call me to say, OK enough.. time to come home.. lol.. Yes so many ideas, so little time.. I don't even know where to start. :)

  6. WOOOOW, Sam, these goodies are an true inspiration source, for making mini's, they are awesome!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create with these treasures. Enjoy!
    Now I wish once more, that we could have some of those big stores for creativity in The Netherlands....but alas.

    1. Thanks Ilona :) I try to look at all things in the craft store with a mini eye. Sometimes we have to get creative to get the look we want right? I know what you mean about the stores. We have the same problem in Australia.. we just don't have the population to support them. That's why I made time on my holiday to get to a few. It was really a lot of fun and all the choices! It was slightly overwhelming..

  7. You really had a great time at the shops!
    The marble paper is a great find.
    Try painting fabric paint on to a sheet of matt plastic, then use it to stamp with your rubber stamps on fabric. I do that often. Remember to wash your stamps with soapy water when done.

    1. Ooohhh.. Excellent tip Megan, Thanks!! I'm definitely going to try this.. it opens up so many colour options too. :D Oooh.. I'm excited to start on that!

  8. Nice haul! :D They are dangerous shops, but you can most certainly get a good deal.