Friday, 17 May 2019

I’m having an Instagram Giveaway.

I haven’t been blogging in a while. Life just got busy and I haven’t had the time. I intend to remedy this, I’m just not sure when.

In the meantime I’ve been hanging out over on Instagram for my mini fix and I post a quick photo or two from time to time.

I recently hit 1000 followers and decided to spread the mini love and give away a tiny ship.

And I do mean tiny... here it is on a half scale fireplace. 

And on a 1:12 one.

In 1:12 it's more of a bookcase or shelf item. :) 

It's a lovely little ship with paper sails and wire masts. 

I wanted my friends in blogland to have an opportunity too so if you have an instagram account come over and find me at, Follow the directions (they are very simple) and get an entry in. :D 

Happy mini-ing!


  1. It's still fun to see you!

    I honestly miss everyone blogging. I like the writing and pictures and explanations which I don't get much of with Instagram.

  2. Un trabajo fantástico, a mi también me gustan más los blog ,que Face e Instagran. Buen fin de semana:-9

  3. What a lovely ship! It's so neat to see the two differently scaled fireplaces together and to see the impact of the ship with both of them! I hope the giveaway brings another 1000 followers over to Instagram to see your incredible finds and how you skillfully arrange them so beautifully! It's mini eye candy every time! I am also excited at the prospect of you posting here again! I have been waiting so long to see what you'll do with the second floor of the San Fran and I know it will be spectacular!

  4. I love your ship, Sam! Like you, my life has been very busy lately, which is why I'm only reading your post now. I'm glad the ship found a worthy home. Congratulations on the 1 000 followers!