Hi I'm Sam. I've discovered this little hobby called miniature making and I've become a little bit obsessed. I spent months researching and oohhing and aahhing over all the fantastic stuff you can find on the interweb these days. ;)  And then eventually bit the bullet and bought two vintage Dura-Craft Dollhouse Kits. The San Franciscan 557 & The Heritage.
I've finally started building the San Franciscan and you can follow my build here. Along the way I'll be making some furniture and soft furnishings too.... Feel free to drop me a line with any tips you have, a nooby like me would be eternally grateful!




  1. Wow you are pretty you look like the queen of England lol you look like you are enjoying your self :)

  2. Hi I'm Teresa and I love your projects. I'm sitting here watching u tube on TV and looking over bloggers on my iPad.